One 12kg (26lbs) bag of porridge costs on average R40 ($3.21 or £2.41) and feeds 50 kids for two days! So, for less than the cost of a beer or a coffee you can make a tangible difference in 50 kids’ lives. Imagine what R300, $25, or £20 could do?

Our next big project is in mid-June 2018 in the very remote, northwest region of Namibia known as Kaokoland, an area largely populated by one of the last traditional tribes in Africa, the Himba . Due to the harsh, vast conditions and the fact that it can only be reached by 4×4, the Himba struggle with access to basic services like medical clinics and school. We will be working within their small villages to bring much-needed resources such as eyeglasses, food staples, and school and medical supplies and will be helping to get a school poultry project off the ground. Help us.

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